Newletter 2/1/2021

Public Newsletter for the Ninshido Group Website

We are expanding; we have added 2 new sections for spreading the concept of Ninshido

Ninja Reporter — The Ninja Reporter is a publication service for the  Transnational Research Center – Order of Musashi Shinobi Samurai(忍士団) The original Ninja were information gathers. They were not all martial artists, many were from all sorts of occupations. If your trade or business allowed you to travel into foreign territories, then there were certain to be spy’s in your mist. Ninja were spy’s with outstanding ability. Anyone can submit reports or new briefs. We are looking for reports on all areas of interest. There is an advancement program for those that wish to receive a Black Belt in Ninshido (non-martial art). Click on the title of this news item to take you to the Ninja Reporter website

Ninshido Bugie Federation The Ninshido Bugie Federation is a martial art group. This is non-political organization. The Federation accepts independent and multi-discipline martial artists from all areas of martial arts. The Federation serves as an umbrella to unit martial artists with a common Ninshido core beliefs and human concepts. Click on this the title of this news item for a link to the website of the Ninshido Bugie Federation

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Next month is the Ninja month in Japan (Feb 2-Feb 22). We won’t be able to have any event in Tokyo. So, if the ninja reporter web page is ready, I want the order members to report what’s happening in their regions.

I’ll have a Zoom meeting on Feb 20th hoping to inspire a feeling of fellowship. I can ask the participants to make paper airplanes and we’ll have a competition. Airplanes make good flying weapons. This is very easy so we never talk about it to outsiders. If you place a poisoned needle at the top, a weapon is completed. No arm power or no skill is needed. Each will think how to make it fly straight. Is the idea OK with you?

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