Musashi-ryu Needle Throwing Taikai

Musashi-ryu Needle Throwing Taikai
In light of Ninshi Month of the Order of Shinobi Samurai, we are going to have an international Taikai Online.
Join our Order and take part in our event. We’ll teach you how to make a Musashi-ryu needle.
Date: Feb 20th (Sat) Time:20:30 Tokyo Time
(-0h) Tokyo (Sat) 20:30
(-7h) Estonia, Romania (Sat) 13:30
(-8h) France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland (Sat) 12:30
(-8h) Poland, Croatia, Morocco (Sat) 12:30
(-9h) U.K. Ghana (Sat) 11:30am (-11h) São Paulo (Brazil) (Sat) 9:30 am
(-12h) Argentina, Chile (Sat) 8:30 am
(-13h) New York, Florida, Bolivia, (Sat) 7:30 am
Canada Prince Edward Island, Quebec (Sat) 7:30 am
(-14h) Peru, Colombia, (Sat) 6:30 am
(-15h) Mexico, (Sat) 5:30 am
(-16h) LA, Phoenix (Sat) 4:30 am
The participant is to prepare a target and 2 needles
1: an A4 pater target placed on a styrofoam board or cardboard (any size).
The target is to be divided into 9 sections. 2: This time, we’ll use 2 marking pins (5 cm or shorter) or
safety pin (size #2, 26mm) in case no marking pins are available.
Time: 20:30-22:30 Tokyo Time
No photo description available.
You, Ulises Villa Huesca, Olando Medina and 32 others


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