Our Mission

Our mission

In light of the idea “Great Reset” we will take a different approach for presenting the Gorin Ninpo to our members.
In our order we abide by the Code of Ninshi : Ninshido.
In Ninshido there is a 5-structured principle which governs our thought and behavior and it is called Gorin (Five-Ring) Ninpo. (Nin : shinobi, po : law). We usually use a term Gorin principle to refer to the ninpo.
Many of you already know that our forefathers thoughtSeishin(Right-mindedness) in Mansen Shukai was not adequate for the ninshi (Shinobi-samurai) serving the Tokugawa Shogunate. They developed the code of ninshi and Tatsunojo Shibata revised it when he became Christian and decided the clan should withdraw from assassination business in 1917.
Ninjutsu is a strategic technique to get information and vanish from sight so we can report the information to our client(s.) The ninshi (shinobi-samurai) deal in information belonging to a tight-knit order pursuing same goals and causes.
The ninshi develop their personalities through life time shugyo (training). In shugyo we place importance on mental (sometimes spiritual) development. We consider all Doh (Ways) such as Iaido, Kyudo, Judo, Kendo, Karatedo, Sado, Kado, Shodo, etc give good opportunities of lifelong training to students.
We expect each member to have expertise and collect information in his/her field. We encourage each member to work Pro Bono from time to time for his/her community.
Our ninshi (shinobi-samurai) are to observe their communities and orient themselves and if necessary decide on a measure and act to improve situations. To do that in a proper ninshi manner, we want each of you to learn our fundamental ideas and Gorin Principle (Five-Ring Ninpo).